It’s annual meeting time for Ford Motor Company, which has seen sales falter this year, and as usual, the gay-friendly automaker faces a shareholder resolution by a winger who thinks the financial woes of the auto giant are due to its support of the LGBT community. Gee, how about the possibility that Ford misjudged the impact of rising gas prices as it rolled out its behemoth vehicles?

From OneNewsNow’s article, “Support for homosexual agenda remaining ‘Ford tough’“:

That policy-revision proposal will be presented on Thursday by Ohio pro-family activist Tom Strobhar at Ford’s annual meeting in Delaware. The activist explains the rationale behind his push to change company policies.

Ford is paying domestic-partner benefits while cutting retirement benefits,” Strobhar explains. “They’re closing plants while building gay and lesbian centers. They’re giving shareholder money, which is the fruit of all the employees’ labor, to the largest homosexual organization in the country.” And organizations receiving money from the automaker, he claims, “use it to aggressively promote same-sex marriage.”

Strobhar says the company also continues to advertise in magazines whose primary focus is the homosexual lifestyle. All these factors, says Stobhar, combine to make Ford one of the worst examples of a company whose policies have been taken over by groups whose primary interest is promoting homosexuality.

The article mentions the AFA’s year-long Ford boycott; the Wildmons take all the claim for any dip in Ford’s sales.

BTW, last year’s anti-gay shareholder motion by Robert Hurley of Alton, IL was shot down with 95% voting to reject the proposal.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding