Right-wingers and their media enablers love to accuse progressives of ignoring the things that Bush has "done right". 

My question to you, the reader, is this:

What, if anything, has Bush done right?  And by whose standards?

That last point is very important.

For example:  According to most observers, the invasion and occupation of Iraq has been a disaster on steroids: for our economy, for our reputation abroad, for our military readiness, and most especially for the Iraqi people.  But I suppose that if you are an employee or CEO of Halliburton — which has officially bailed out of the US and Iraq before the newly-installed Democratic Congress had the chance to level penalties against it for its illegal dealings with Iran — the invasion and occupation of Iraq has been just groovy, especially if you own Halliburton stock.

Similarly, Bush's handling of Hurricane Katrina (both before and after the storm) has been roundly condemned by even the normally Bush-enabling GOP/Media Complex.  But if you're a Republican looking to see enough black Democratic voters leave New Orleans and environs to tip both the city and the state into the GOP column, or a real estate developer eager to sell or rent to higher-income (read: white) people, Bush's malignant neglect is a good thing.

So let's play the game.  What things do you think that Bush has "done right" — and by whose standards?

Phoenix Woman

Phoenix Woman