It's funny to see the self-styled "centrists" caution Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid to ease up on the investigations of corrupt Republicans that ran Congress for the past twelve years (and both Congress and the White House for the previous six) despite polls showing that there is no "center" any more and if anything, the American public wants even more investigations of corrupt Repubicans. 

The conservatives know better — which is why they're scared to death. 

How can you tell the leaders of the conservative movement are scared to death of 2008?

They've fallen on their old reliable standby, inflaming and catering to America's bigots.

Yeah, yeah, this is old news:  They always do this sort of thing when they're about to get their asses kicked. But the latest wrinkle is that in the hope of grabbing some black and union voters, some of them are  trying to spin, in finest Ministry of Truth fashion, their bigotry as progressivism and "civil rights" — a stance explicitly rejected by the NAACP and other leading legitimate civil rights groups because a) it's racist and b) its premise has been shot down by a myriad of legitimate studies, including this one by the Drum Major Institute.  (Oh, yes:  Remember the ongoing efforts by racists to take over the Sierra Club?  The person behind them is John Tanton, the guy who with Roy Beck is the driving force behind the anti-immigrant movement in the US.)

The polls, both opinion and ballot-box, show that fear of Teh Gay is not enough to get voters to side with the Cons any more — it certainly didn't keep the Republicans from losing outright control of Congress last year.  So they have to step it up, big-time.  This is the result. 

Phoenix Woman

Phoenix Woman