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Mike Gravel: 'Love between a man and a man is beautiful'

Damn. Dem candidate for president, former Alaska Senator Mike Gravel didn’t miss a beat when a young woman, Katelyn Lemay, asked him about marriage equality at a WMUR TV town hall-style forum in New Hampshire.

Could you even fathom the top tier Dems giving a simple, straightforward answer like this:

“If a couple of lesbians or gay men want to get married, and they love each other, they should have the right to do that and enjoy all the legalities in our society that go along with that. I have no problem with that at all. I think that people who create these problems of homophobia and the likes of that do us a disservice. We are all human beings and one of the things that should motivate us, most of all, is love.

…Love between a man and a woman is beautiful, love between a woman and a woman is beautiful, love between a man  and a man is love…is beautiful too. What this world need is a lot more than what we presently have.”

He was also asked about morality and government. Gravel, speaking about Bush’s faith-based initiatives, said that “You can’t legislate morality.”

H/t PageOneQ, which has video.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding