You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll re-read Atlas Shrugged and still not realize it’s crap.

Iain Murray on the Acton Institute‘s (Home of Greed Is God&#153) entry into the summer blockbuster season:

I have just had the privilege of seeing the Acton Institute’s new film, The Call of the Entrepreneur, and I must say it is the best visual expositition of the moral basis of entrepreneurialism and free enterprise I have ever seen.


I urge everyone who can to see it and promote it. By sketching the tales of three men who have taken risks – amazingly big risks in one case – and created not just money but wealth, it underlines the importance of free enterprise to what used to be called the commonwealth.

A warning: you may choke up at some of the human tales it tells. I certainly did. This is no economics lecture, but the true, very human face of free enterprise.

At Amway conventions this would be called porn.

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