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There was an interesting discussion one day at the hospital where I used to work. [I have a real job as an engineer now(give to me your pocket protectors!)]

It happened a few weeks ago, but I’ve been knocking it around in my head [pong between two neurons :D] for a while now.

The conversation was related to homosexuality and it’s effects on people, and I feel it was kinda revealing.

Check it out below the fold.Conversation transcript: [names changed for purposes of no real consequence]

(John is walking back in the office from the bathroom. I’m sitting at one of the computers, Rick, Chuck, and Tom are at their desks.)

John: I just thought of something.

Rick, Tom: What’s that?

John: How weird would it be to have a gay guy in the bathroom?

Tom: What the hell?

John: No, follow me. I mean, if a guy is gay, he likes seeing other guys right, and he’d be looking at them, right? And, if the gay guy were in the bathroom, well then, wouldn’t that be like a straight guy getting to follow women into their bathroom?

Rick: You got something to tell us, John?

All but me: *Laughter*

John: No, no, I mean, I just saw a really hot girl walk into the bathroom before I did, and i was just thinking, you know? that would be kinda good for gay guys I guess. But creepy.

Chuck: Creepy? Hell with that, it’d be fuckin’ sick, man.

John: Yeah.

Conversation ends.

So I’ve been thinking about that. And how it the whole conversation didn’t seem to focus at all on what homosexuals do in bed, or what a book says about them.

The whole dread in the conversation came from the idea that these straight men, might end up getting looked at by a gay man the same way they look at attractive women while walking around at work.

Which is to say, that someone might look at them like a predator eyes a piece of meat.

I guess that kinda startled me. I’d always encountered homophobia in terms of guys being disgusted by it, or having religious/moral objections to it. I’d never come across guys who actually seemed afraid that a gay person might simply act the same way they did.

The other thing was, they saw nothing wrong with leering at all the women in the hospital. But if a man leered at them the same way, that’d be grounds for violence and hate.

It just seemed interesting to me. What these guys were really afraid of was their own behavior turned back against them.

Just made me think a little.

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