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Quick quiz: Legal Pot vs. Gay Marriage

In a previous post I wrote that I would live to see the day when both gay marriage equal marriage rights for homosexuals and possession, cultivation, and sale of marijuana were both legal across the entire USA.  Chadster commented, “Glad to see you plan to live to 130.”

So it got me wondering: which do you think will happen first in your lifetime – nationwide marriage equality for gays and lesbians or nationwide repeal of marijuana prohibition?  (Which is not meant to infer an equality to the two issues; it’s discriminatory apples and prohibitionary oranges here…)

A quick reader poll and more discussion after the flip…Personally I think both are going to expand on a state-by-state basis, but marriage equality will come first nationally.  There are too many laws regarding marriage to have a hodge-podge of domestic partnerships, civil unions, and marriages throughout the states.  A landmark federal court case will enact marriage equality in one fell swoop.

But with the ganja, well, there is just too much money to be made to change the status quo.  Many legit industries would oppose ending prohibition for the competition medical marijuana, industrial hemp, and recreational cannabis would create against their own pills, booze, paper, textiles, fuel, etc.  And many on the pro-pot side don’t want legalization because it kills their tax-free weed dealing business.  When both the pro- and the anti-side want to keep the status quo, it’s damn near impossible to enact change.  And I don’t see any sort of landmark court case that would change any of it.

It’s all the more painful knowing that many politicians secretly support both missions, and even a some of them are closeted allies, but knowing that few will ever strongly and directly state their support for these causes?  Soft on drugs and pro-homosexual agenda?  Why, let’s just send him through the South with that position while driving a hybrid Japanese car with a PETA sticker on it!

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