Time to tighten up the ol’ Mission Statement

All kinds of new blogs to have fun with look at!

Here we have Right Angle Blog:

Right Angle Blog was founded at during Ohio’s 2006 Republican gubernatorial primary. During that time, Right Angle Blog, with its Cleveland-based conservative slant, built a consistent audience of magnanimous moderates, perceptive partisans and cogent conservatives who, on a daily basis, made the debates in the comment section more intriguing than the blog posts themselves.

Right Angle Blog has since evolved into, which gives the keys to the site to our loyal readers. Sure, we will continue to blog, but the site is also set up to give Ohio Republicans their own home on the internet.

As the online community for Ohio’s conservative movement, Right Angle Blog is dedicated to strengthening the influence of conservatives, and conservatism, in the Ohio Republican Party and the national Republican Party.


We believe it is fair to say that the liberal blogosphere has damaged and failed the Democrat Party. The right has shown that not only can we win the debate, but we also know how to win elections. Right Angle Blog’s purpose is to expand that effort online.

So, uh, how’d that work out for you?

US Senate

Democratic Brown 2,133,705 — 56%

Republican DeWine (Incumbent) 1,681,015 — 44%


Democratic Strickland 2,307,420 — 60%

Republican Blackwell 1,406,792 — 37%

Attorney General

Democratic Dann 2,035,757 — 53%

Republican Montgomery 1,833,796 — 47%

Secretary of State

Democratic Brunner 2,104,010 — 55%

Republican Hartmann 1,546,417 — 41%

State Treasurer

Democratic Cordray 2,223,169 — 58%

Republican O’Brien 1,618,581 — 42%

Needless to say, Matt Naugle of Right Angle Blog was the first to sign up for We Win — Okay, We’ll Be First Runner-Up.

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