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While other Citizen Journalists were breathlessly reporting on the Las Vegas backpack bomb (while simultaneously creating LV5/7/07 Never Forget logos for their blogs…just in case) our man, Gun Counter Gomer, was one cool customer holding his fire until the smoke cleared:

I’m admittedly late to this story, and rather thankful I am, otherwise, I might have erroneously reported with other media and bloggers the apparent pre-mature detonation of a backpack bomber. I don’t hold any of the bloggers commenting on this case responsible for the erroneous reporting, which seems to be a case of the professional media once again trying to rush out a story before actually having the facts of the incident verified.

This was, if the second round of reports is accurate (and the second round of reporting is generally more accurate than the first, if still often imperfect), most likely a targeted assassination, and not a terrorist with a case of premature detonation.

Of course, if the media wasn’t rushing the story as details came out, instead choosing to hold information back until 100% verified, the tighty whitey righty crowd would have asking why the media was covering up for the Muslims who must have been behind it!!!1!! because… um…. oh yeah, they HATE HATE HATE the Luxor because it offends Islam with its low-paying slots and watered-down drinks. Or something like that.

But not Gomer. He knows that sometimes you’ve got to play a pret-ty cool hand.

Instead he gives us the benefit of his years of experience selling guns to people who annually spend more on their Second Amendment rights than they do on orthodonture to explain backpack weaponry to us. However, cautious as always, he ‘s not going to be quick on trigger when it come to “just the facts mam”, so:

I’ve sent in an info request to the ATF Arson and Explosives Division seeking clarification of what kind of trigger they have recovered, but considering that the answer would reveal part of an on-going investigation, I don’t anticipate any sort of a response.

Yeah. If you don’t hear from them, that’s probably why….



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