Is That My Phone?


Well, this is intriguing (via Chris Cillizza's The Fix):

You can imagine our interest then when we (belatedly) came across this item by New York Times reporter Pat Healey. In it, Healey details a May 8 gathering of close associates of Gore. The dinner, which is being held at the home of Gore fundraiser extraordinaire Peter Knight, is being billed as a 20th anniversary celebration for those involved in Gore's 1988 campaign for president. (Gore formally declared his candidacy for president on June 29, 1987.)

Among the attendees will be Mary Pat Bonner, a longtime Gore fundraiser, and Johnny Hayes, a past director of the Tennessee Valley Authority. Gore will not be in attendance.

Our interest was piqued, and we did a bit of checking on the event ourselves to see whether this was a real reunion or a strategy session. Kalee Kreider, a spokeswoman for Gore, quickly dismissed any 2008 implications of the gathering. "Our understanding is that it is a reunion of old friends and it is not linked in any way with any formal or informal effort on former Vice President Gore's part to launch a campaign in 2008," Kreider said.

Those familiar with the group say they have gathered on a semi-regular basis over the past twenty years and nothing should be read into the timing of this particular get-together. "We're not putting the old band back together," said Knight. "And most of the gang are playing in other bands already."

Fair enough. But the fact the meeting is happening is sure to raise eyebrows among those Democrats who still believe the possibility exists that Gore will run.

Interesting. I know I'll be keeping an eye on this.  If former Vice President Gore wants to confirm or deny that he is or is not running this year in absolute terms once and for all, I'm happy to take his call.  I'm just saying…

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