Everyone except you has a blog these days

We’re going to see The Bad Plus on Tuesday night at the Saville Theater and, surprise surprise, they not only have a myspace page (audio warning), they also have a blog.

gttim will be pleased to know that they do a cover of Tom Sawyer by that band (bad audio warning) on their new CD.

And while we’re on the subject of music and stuff, thanks to the following folks for music and stuff. Daniel in Albany for the Silver Jews CD, Kevin in Queensbury for the the copy of By Night In Chile (which I intend on reading tonight), and Donna in Santa Rosa for American Fascists: The Christian Right and America and Yo-Yo Ma’s Appassionato, which I will listen to as I read the aforementioned book from Kevin. It’s things like these that keep me going while waiting for large deposits to be made in my offshore account by George Soros.



Yeah. Like I would tell you....