All quiet on the Reconquista front
The Most Interesting Man in the World is the new Castro… but with beer.

SAN DIEGO – Here along the border with Mexico we are the forefront of the Homeland defense against Reconquista; stopping the invasion of the brown hordes who would work our low-paying jobs by day and inhabit Michelle Malkin’s dreams by night. I’m proud to announce that this morning we were able to leave our heavily fortified Spanish style condos (with Travertine counter tops and unobstructed views of the bay) to find that we are still a part of the US of A following yesterdays harrowing Cinco de Mayo invasion. Although the streets this morning were littered with crushed sombreros, dessicated lime wedges, avocado pits, and those red Solo beer cups, our faith is sure, our resolve is firm, and our union is strong.

&#161Viva America!

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