The wisdom of Peter LaBarbera on trans issues

OK folks, shred this confused nonsense up. The Peter is disturbed by the news that LA Times sportswriter Mike Penner has announced that she will transition to become Christine.

The world is turned upside-down. I challenge “Mike/Christine” to do a column describing, in detail, “sex-reassignment surgery” – whereby a penis is turned into a makeshift “vagina” – assuming he is one day going to go that route. (“Transitioning” people are required to live one year as the opposite sex before undergoing the horrifying operation.) Then we’ll see just how “natural” all of this is.

Transsexualism is perhaps one of the most extreme manifestations of the modern philosophy of “I feel, therefore I am.” Just because men (and women) caught up in gender confusion FEEL that society should “respect” their gender-twisting choices, doesn’t mean that it is healthy for society to do so. Nor should taxpayers and corporations be forced to subsidize the radical “sex-change” operations – another goal of many in the “trans” movement. Granting newfangled “civil rights” based on “transgender” identities has it completely backwards: a healthy society would discourage gender confusion as much as possible, rather than celebrate it.

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