I didn’t get to see the Jeane Palfrey interview with ABC’s Brian Ross. No White House names on the list, no list released. She defines what her legal sexual services were that she provided to the Beltway elite. (ABC):

Brian Ross: And how do you define legal sex?

Jeane Palfrey: Well, illegal sex is prostitution, which is either intercourse of any type or oral sex. Anything else is considered basically legal.

Brian Ross: And do you think your women went over the line?

Jeane Palfrey: I sure hope not. I sure hope not. Ah, they…

Brian Ross: Can you say that with a straight face?

Jeane Palfrey: I’m, I’m saying that with a straight …

Brian Ross: Really?

Jeane Palfrey: I’m saying that with a straight face.

I love this description of Mr. Shock and Awe, Harlan Ullman, the first person revealed as a client on the Madam’s list.

Also named by Palfrey is Harlan Ullman, a leading military analyst who wrote the book “Shock and Awe,” a concept cited by the Pentagon in planning the war in Iraq.

Palfrey says she remembers Ullman as “Mr. U,” — remembers him well.

Jeane Palfrey: I think he was a disagreeable character. And there were some complaints about him, yes.

Brian Ross: From your women.

Jeane Palfrey: Yes.

The sad aspect of this scandal is that it claimed the life of one woman, Brandy Britton, a professor at the University of Maryland, one of the call girls in Palfrey’s service. She committed suicide after being arrested. The women are always brought in as the johns slip into the night.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding