He was surprised by the margin of victory on the hate crimes bill (Yes: 237 No: 180) .

You can watch the video at AFA.net (screen cap above). On the Media Player on the front page, select #7. He continues the “thought crimes” meme. OneNewsNow also has audio of anti-gay black pastor Bishop Harry Jackson saying the measure “threatens the religious liberty of Christians who oppose homosexuality on biblical grounds.”

The American Family Association was the “Christian” entity that published an outlandish list of what it deemed “sexual orientations”  — attempting to link homosexuality with feces-eating, pedophilia, bestiality, necrophilia, and a host of sexual fetishes in order to scare the sheeple into flooding the Hill with pleas to vote the bill down.

Thankfully, common sense was in order yesterday.

* The American Family Association’s obsession with sex acts 

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding