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Late Nite FDL: I Miss This Band

Ah, 1996.  The year I returned to my beloved Athens after a year in New Orleans and south Georgia.

I had a cassette copy of Elastica's debut album and a fast red car that my brother had dubbed, "The Rocket Sled".  In 1995, I split up with my first (sweet, but alcoholic) boyfriend after three and a half years and was just starting to feel the wind in my hair again instead of a constant chill up my spine.

I wrote my first and only novel that year.  The main character's name was Midge and Elastica was her music. When I would get stuck, I would go drive around the loop and blast Elastica with the windows down until Midge would start talking again.  The novel was just okay, though, and as I wrote the final chapters, I could already see the massive plot holes yawning behind me that were going to require reams of revisions to even even make my manuscript presentable.

I put the final period on page 358, put the whole mess in a box, and buried it under the bed, my malformed stillbirth of a first novel.  I understand that you go to war with the book you've written, not the book you wish you'd written, but after two years of wrestling with it and still not being satisfied, I decided to just form this band instead and recorded this album.

I have no idea how my record ended up on eMusic or why it's classified under "Christian rock" (HURL!!), but if you were ever curious about my musical past, here's your opportunity to download it and make fun of my singing to your hearts' content.  The local music rag once called me "the bastard offspring of Morrissey and Aretha Franklin".  As unappetizing a mental image as that may be, I assure you, the sound is much, more worse.


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