Never surrender! Never enlist!

As the good Glenn has pointed out, the latest Potemkin blog built to create the illusion of support for the war is We Win, They Lose based upon Sun Tzu’s The Art of War as interpretatively danced by Glenn Reynolds:

1. Did you support the invasion of Iraq?


2. Have you changed your position?

No. Sanctions were failing and Saddam was a threat, making any other action in the region impossible.

3. What should the U.S. do in Iraq now?


And one way to win is to support our troops by enlisting so that they don’t have to redeployed over and over again until they break down or die. So when we see that the We Win, They Lose Dancers include Rob Bluey

noted “interpreter of other people’s writing” Ben Domenech

and Patrick Ruffini

All of whom seem young enough and reasonably fit enough, we wonder why they aren’t being fitted with kevlar BVDs. There are others of course, Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit has mad leadership skillz:

Jim earned a BS in Biology at Loras College. He is professionally one of the few in his field certified to train High Performance Team Building in World Class Organizations.

And what is our military if not a World Class Organization.

There is also John Hawkins from Right Wing News who is interning in the field ofLost Causes by working for Duncan Hunter’s Presidential campaign. Such expertise might come in handy in Iraq.

As for Big Brain Bryan at Hot Air, he already did his time in the Air Force in Germany and is needed on the homefront as Michelle Malkin’s boytoy.

War. Hell. You know….

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