* It’s the 20th anniversary of Rep. Barney Frank’s very public coming out. Chuck Wolfe of The Victory Fund has a post about it up at Gaypolitics.com.

Coming out was probably not a pleasant experience for Barney. It isn’t for many people, I suppose. Fear of the unknown-hell, fear of the known-often keeps us from doing the things we know we need to do to live authentic lives. But Barney has said that he is a more effective legislator and a more authentic individual today precisely because he took a painful step in 1987.

* The National Black Justice Coalition is launching an initiative, Faithful Call To Justice, a nationwide effort to bring attention to the value and worth of LGBT citizens as well as HIV/AIDS awareness on June 2-3. It will take place in houses of worship in 100 large, mid-size and smaller towns — over 100 are participating.Many black religious gays don’t have the tools, resources or support to fight homophobia in their communities, and that pervades their churches in damaging ways. Those in large blue state America often take their acceptance for granted.

* Anti-gay fundie organization MassResistance recently held a counter-event to the Day of Silence that was a complete flop. (h/t, Herb).

* Can the story get any more tabloid-friendly — McGreevey considering priesthood. (h/t, Wes).

* eHarmony, the online dating/matchmaking service, is notorious for not accepting gay clients (founder Neil Clark Warren is buds with Daddy Dobson). Blender Beth said she recently saw this ad for a site called Chemistry.com air during Heroes:

Much more this and that after the jump…* Do you remember Jason West? He was the gutsy mayor of New Paltz, NY who presided over unofficial same-sex weddings (about two dozen) back in 2004. He lost his re-election bid on Tuesday. He was later barred by the courts from continuing to do so. Thanks, Jason, for putting yourself out there for equality. (h/t Scott)

* Surf over to the Durham-based International Carnival of Pozitivities, a blog carnival for people living with HIV/AIDS, their caregivers, family and/or friends or anyone working to eliminate AIDS in the World.

* Jessica Valenti at Feministing kindly asked some of us to contribute to the Blogging and Feminism issue of The Scholar and Feminist Online. Check it out.

* SLDN reports that Congressman Robert Andrews (D-NJ) has signed on to support The Military Readiness Enhancement Act (H.R. 1246), a Congressional bill to repeal the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” ban on lesbian, gay and bisexual service members. Also — SLDN is looking for folks to get folks talking about the movement to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”  at Pride festivals around the country. Learn how to serve as a Pride Captain.

* Shane at QueerTwoCents has been covering the “outing” of Michelle Rodriguez by Curve Mag, which referred to her as “The Rebel Girl: Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about beautiful, bi bad girl, Michelle Rodriguez.” Shane says that in the final version of the Rodriguez article, Curve dropped the “bi” part at the last minute before the magazine was to be published. The copy of the May edition that he has up here in Canada does not have the word “bi” in their description of her as the “beautiful, bad girl”, and notes that Curve did have this description of Rodriguez on their online home page concurrent with the printed magazine up until he  reported on the story. Rodriguez’s rep’s not happy with the article at all. Hmmmm.

* Brady points out that fundie Gary Bauer is joining in with the rest of the hysterical bible beaters regarding the hate crimes bill: “I just read Gary Bauer’s “End of Day” message where calls his readers to encourage a vote against hate crimes legislation.  In his email, he says why people should be against hate crimes, and in doing so, he refers to Matthew Shepard’s murder as a “drug-related robbery.”  Basically he’s perpetuating the 20/20 conspiracy theory that the murder was not a hate crime, even though the court records are pretty clear that it was.”

* WNYC Radio is hosting an LGBT Singles Mixer — “Pop Culture Quiz, Photography, and Public Radio-Loving Singles!” on Wednesday, May 23 from 7-10 PM at the Chelsea Museum, 556 West 22nd Street  (at 11th Avenue). Learn more by calling WNYC Listener Services at (212) 669-3333 or visit WNYC’s web site.

* News in Georgia: ACLU Asks Judge to Return Seven-Year-Old to Lesbian Mother.

The American Civil Liberties Union urged Wilkinson County Superior Court to return a vulnerable seven-year-old girl to the woman in whose care she had been thriving for a year. The county’s Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) has held the girl in foster care since February 20, when a judge took her away after he learned that she was being raised by a lesbian.

* Shayna Englin, wife of pro-gay Virginia Delegate David Englin (my interview with him is here), emailed in to ask bloggers to participate in the Donors Choose Challenge. The program is an easy way to provide students in need with resources that our public schools often lack. On the Donors Choose site, teachers submit proposals for projects, materials they need or challenges they would like to offer their students. You can sign up here. As of today, $62,328,608 has been donated to 553,336 students in 11 states since 2000.

* Watch this video. Sharon sent this one in, saying “I discovered Taalam Acey, spoken word artist, via Keith Boykin’s blog and this man just blew me away with his poem ‘A Market for Ni$$as’ in which he castigates the minstelry that rap has become.” 

* Warren knows what the above means. Click and find out.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding