2007_01_giulianidisco.jpgI'll watch the GOP debate but the sanctification of Ronald Reagan leading up to it might seriously overtax my digestive system by the time it starts.  Are these people are living in a dream world — a "great philosopher" with "perfect political pitch"?  Brokaw and Matthews sound like a couple of rubes talking about this amazing medicine show they've just watched as they look for the hair to start sprouting out of their mutual bald patches.  Do they not have any comprehension that the guy they are hailing as "the father of modern conservatism" can claim as his progeny George W. Bush and all his failures? I guess not. 


I'd love it if Matthews would take the trivial tack as Williams did with the Dems last week, but I don't expect it. One would think that if they can discuss Edwards' haircuts and Joe Biden's gaffes in a debate they could certainly ask about McCain's temper tantrums. I doubt that they will even near the issue of ties to corrupt, rich businessmen as they did with Obama because well, the debate only lasts an hour and a half. (And I would think it's important to hear about Romney's underwear and Rudy's ferret problem. These are character issues.)But Matthews probably won't ask any of these questions. Republicans are serious, manly people and deserve to be treated with respect.

So, this will end up being a contest for best Ronald Reagan imitator, with Matthews no doubt feeding them straight lines.

I'd also like to note that MSNBC partnering with Politico Drudge Lite for the GOP debate aptly demonstrates the uncomfortable coziness with traditional media and the right wing noise machine.  Did anyone ask Kos to co-sponsor the Democratic debate, even though Kos is much larger and has a geniuine, organic audience which doesn't depend on Matt Drudge for 65% of all their traffic?  I guess not. 

James Boyce has some questions he'd like to see asked. 

Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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