Patrick Sammon, president of the Log Cabin Republicans, has a piece up on spewing the biggest load of bullshit I have ever heard. As usual, the Log Cabins are out to convince LGBT folk that they should support the RNC, dispite the fact that it is horridly anti-gay – basically out to convince us to go against out own interests.  And how is he trying to achive this feat?  With 7 of the stupidest points I’ve ever seen. 

Let us break it down.

  1. Equality won’t be achieved without more Republican support, so it’s critical to give money to inclusive R’s at all levels of government.

It is critical for the LGBT community to support the Republicans that defy their party and side with us, but I take issue with the statement that “Equality won’t be achieved without more Republican support”.  We have achieved plenty of things without widespread Republican support.  Most of our gains at the state level have been without wide Republican support.  We’ve gained gay characters on tv, prominant gay bloggers, pro-gay policies at Fortune 500 companies, and marriage in Mass entirely without Republican support.  Laurel Hester didn’t have any Republican support.  Barney Frank and Tammy Baldwin don’t have any Republican support.  I resent the implication that we can’t get things done without the Republican party.  We can and we do. 

2. Work still remains to make the GOP more inclusive, but there are fair-minded R’s across America who should be supported for their courage in stepping forward as advocates for basic fairness.

Obviously we should congratulate anyone who steps forward and advocates for basic fairness.  File this under “duh”.

3. If all gay money goes to Democrats, LGBT people will be taken for granted. A one-party strategy hasn’t benefited other communities, and it won’t benefit our movement.

Wtf?  Can someone explain to me what the hell he is talking about here?  Is he claiming that if LBTG people gave money to the Republicans, then they wouldn’t take us for granted?  It is the nature of all political parties to do what they need to stay in power, which means sometimes throwing their most vulnerable under the bus.  Why would it be any different with the Republicans then with the Democrats?  It’s not like the Republicans are gonna compete for the gay dollar. 

And “a one-party strategy hasn’t benefited other communities”?  Anyone else perciving this as a round about way of saing “A one-party strategy hasn’t given black people equality”? 

Finally, there is nothing in this statement about the Republicans doing a good job or a better job then Democrats for our community.  Its just playing on our anxiety that the Democrats aren’t doing enough.  There is still no logic in encouraging gay people to leave a party that sometimes ignores us for one that actively loathes us. 

4. The best way to change the GOP is from within, so it’s important to support organizations that are working to make the Republican Party more inclusive.

It is important to support anyone working for social change.  I support the Log Cabin Republicans.  I think they are trying to do good things.  But I sure as shit am not gonna give them any money because they support an organization that fundamentally thinks I’m evil.  This sounds a lot like “Aren’t you a REAL progressive?  Don’t you believe in change?  We’re working for change too.  Feel guilty for not giving us money.  Placate that guilt by giving us money”.

5. The Democratic Party doesn’t represent the views of millions of LGBT voters. People who agree with the GOP philosophy of government should invest in working to make the party more inclusive.

People who agree with GOP values can and do support the Republican party.  But Pat isn’t sucking up the The Advocate to get to those people, those people already support him. 

Most LGBT people aren’t Democrats because the Dems promised us equality.  Most LGBT people are Democrats because being pick on, spat upon, degraded, and denied has given us a sense of empathy for other oppressed people and disadvantaged communities and a distrust of the very systems of masculinity, patriarchy, and privledge that the Republicans try so hard to uphold.  Even if the Republicans woke up tomorrow and said “Oh man, we were totally wrong on the whole gay thing”, I would wager that a majority of LGBT people would STILL not vote for them and still not give them a penny. 

6. It’s critical to have LGBT people in both parties, or we’re putting all our eggs in one basket. Corporate America is smart enough to understand this fact, and our movement should be too.

Again, Wtf?  Why is it bad to put our eggs in the only basket that has any respect for our eggs?  Why is it bad to put our eggs in the basket that does stuff for us, instead of the basket that wants to destroy us and all our eggs?  The Republicans don’t want our eggs.  The Republicans don’t work for our eggs.  As a general rule, not putting all your eggs in one basket is a cute bit of advice, but is completely ireelevent to the issues at hand here. 

And how exactly has Corporate America “understood this fact” when Corporate America gives an overwhelming ammount of their donations to Republicans? 

7. Smaller government is the best way to maximize personal freedom.

That is a REALLY debatable personal opinion.

LGBT people should help get the GOP back to its small-government roots. That will keep the Republican Party from focusing on divisive social issues.

Let me get this straight: Patrick Summon believes that if LGBT join the Republican party, then the Republicans will stop trying to force anti-choice laws on women, stop opposing live saving stem cell research, stop promoting Christianity as though it is the state religion, stop advocating racist policies like English only, stop denying rape victiems EC, stop discriminating against members of alternative religions, stop harassing Muslims, stop sending our troops to die in foreign countries where we are not wanted, stop emphasizing nationalism at every turn, and stop derriding those who disagree with them as unpatriotic? 

Yeah, I don’t fucking think so. 




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