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ROOTS ACTION ALERT: No Cover For the Bush Rubber Stampers

steny-hoyer-bg.jpgSteny Hoyer has openly dismissed Jack Murtha's "short leash" post-veto proposal and is now cheering with Republicans for benchmarks to hold the Iraqi government accountable (PDF).  Is Hoyer smoking Blunts?  Why else would he be agreeing with the Republican Minority Whip, rather than the majority of the American people who oppose this war and George Bush's handling of it?  "Benchmarks" is Capital Hill speak for "no accountability and more war."

Democrats should be asking Steny Hoyer what he thinks they were elected to do in November.  Call your representatives.  Tell them to Just Say No to Steny Hoyer and his capitulation to George Bush.

The war is wrong and it is failing and the longer it takes Congress to hold the President accountable, the more people will die.

(Update:  This is very time critical.  Decisions are being made right now.  If you can, please stop what you're doing to make those calls.  Thanks!  — Pach) 

(Another Update, 12:15 PM EST:  Nola Sue says, "Steny will be on Ed Schulz in a little while. Ed just announced it, but didn’t specify when.  Here’s the show’s site to look for a station (and find a live feed?), or get a podcast after it airs."  Not sure if you can call in, but if you can, please try.– Pach)

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