An Army of Broders

The New York Sun, which is kind of like the Pennysaver but with Maramaduke, writes:

For this Mr. Broder won a rebuke not only from the senators but from the New York Times’s Frank Rich, who ridiculed Mr. Broder in his column Sunday and who defended as “obvious” Mr. Reid’s assessment that the war is lost. The episode illuminates how thin-skinned and intolerant the left is in this country of a press corps that is anything less than completely pliant. It began with the Democratic presidential candidates refusing to participate in a presidential debate that would be aired on the Fox News Channel, a network so reflexively right-wing that its regular paid contributors include Michael Dukakis’s campaign manager Susan Estrich, National Public Radio’s Mara Liasson, and the 2006 Democratic candidate for Senate in Tennessee, Harold Ford Jr. First they came for Fox News Channel, then they came for David Broder.

One starts to get the feeling here that some of the divides in the rift between Mr. Broder and the Democratic caucus are not so much political but cultural. The chairman of the Washington Post Company, Donald Graham, served in Vietnam, and Mr. Broder himself is an army veteran. The notion of a Washington politician declaring a war lost even as American GIs are appearing in arms on the field of battle in the cause of freedom abroad, well it has a way of grating on those who have worn the uniform, a fact that many of Mr. Broder’s readers, if not the 50 senators, understand.

Let’s connect the dots like the New York Sun does:

Broder makes an unsupported accusation that Harry Reid is an “embarrassment” to the Democrats, and has previously said of Reid ““every six weeks or so there’s another episode where he has to apologize for the way in which he has bungled the Democratic case” which, the record shows, he hasn’t. So when the fifty members of the party that Reid represents send a letter to David Broder basically saying “Bullshit”, and others who read Broder’s column think “Bullshit”…they are being thin-skinned and they hate the Army.

Having connected the dots, the New York Sun sees a pony.

I see “Bullshit”.



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