WingNutDaily has this feature it promotes, “MR. PRESIDENT!” (yes, in all caps), that collects questions for Dear Leader:

Ever have a great question to ask the president or Tony Snow? Ever been frustrated watching White House press conferences because reporters just “beat around the Bush”? Now’s your chance to participate. Post your tough questions for the White House at the MR. PRESIDENT! forum where they will be reviewed by WND editors and our White House correspondent. Who knows? Your question may be asked at the next White House press briefing.

I couldn’t resist checking them out, and no doubt, they are tough questions.

These folks are simply obsessed with The Brown MenaceTM — even more than the homos or the “Islamofascists.”

Read some of the masterful insanity after the flip.Remember, these folks VOTE.

Economic Treason
Posted by Fed up on May 01, 2007 19:27

Why do you allow the systematic desruction of our manufacturing base and therefore the elimnation of the middle class? What right do you have shipping our jobs overseas and allowing illegals “to do jobs Americans won’t do” as you put it? More than likely terrorist are coming across our porous border that you created since you are more concerned what Fox in Mexico wants than what the American people desire. And then you have the audacity to send American troops to die in a war that is fought by the so called “rules of engagement” with no end in sight. Well I know why this is happening and its because you are not an American. You are a Globalist and a traitor!

  Ola Sr. Bush!
  Posted by Q-man on May 01, 2007 19:01

  Dear Mr. President,

Why do you think that the people of the United States are allowing you to steal our country right from under our noses? Why do you think that the American people do not stand up to you and your administration and stop you from destroying our nation by allowing millions of illegal aliens to invade and conquer our country? If you were one of us, what would you do to stop you? Can you tell us, at this late stage of the your end-game (AMNESTY), is there any way to stop you? Oh, by the way, congratulations on your recent 28% approval rating! You are truly in a league of your own!

  I Love America
  Posted by lgmauldin on May 01, 2007 13:08

  Mr. President,
  Why do you HATE America and American citizens? Aren’t you, your wife and daughters American citizens? Why do you want to give the best country on the face of the earth away to a bunch of people that hate us???? I can’t believe I voted for you – twice! I can’t even stand to look at your lying face anymore – I just turn the station when you come on. America has always been a place for immigrants to come (LEGALLY) for a better life, but not anymore. Immigrants who do things the right way are being slapped in the face by their soon-to-be leader – the President of the United States, George Bush! Have you been promised leadership of this so-called North American Union by your illustrous best buddy, Fox? I can’t even imagine why you would want to destroy this great country for anything less than some great prize waiting for you at the end! I can’t wait for the next presidential election – it won’t come too soon! We need to get you out of there and get someone in that believes in America and Americans! GO TOM TANCREDO!!! I hope you sleep well at night knowing that you are destroying so many people’s lives while profiting your own!

  Posted by FinePrint on May 01, 2007 10:57

  Dear Mr. President,

  Have you read the posts here? These are people who elected you – the people you have betrayed. We didn’t elect you to do your conscience, we elected you to represent US! If you wanted to run for the president based on wanting to create a North American Union, then you could have done that. I expect you knew we wouldn’t elect you and so you saved it for your second term.

  You could at least have the decency to come out and openly promote the causes that you really value, like the destruction of American sovereignty and our financial ruin in the form of “Guest Worker” programs and hobbling Immigration Enforcement.

  You were elected by Conservatives and those who just couldn’t stomach your opponent. The Liberals didn’t get you elected. They voted for the other guy. Stop sucking up to them and come back to your roots.

  Posted by SteveW on May 01, 2007 08:48

  How is it that you profess to be a “Christian”, yet refer to the Constitution of the United States of America, as nothing “but a g(edited)-damned piece of paper? And if Christ really is your Savior, why did you not pray in His Name at V-Tech?

  I doubt these questions will ever be asked of you, I really do not think anyone in the “press” has the courage to ask these questions. Personally I would like to ask them myself, eye to eye, man to man, because I am pretty sure you are not Christian, and I would bet that you are not a “Man” by any means. It should self-evident to all Americans what you are.

  Hate Crimes
  Posted by Aneri on May 01, 2007 08:15

  Mr. President,

  Will you veto any and all “hate crimes” bills, such as H.R. 1592, and other bills such as the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) granting special rights to homosexuals?

  mr president?
  Posted by sad but true on May 01, 2007 02:03

  how does it feel to be a puppet?

  Posted by frustrated on May 01, 2007 01:27

  How much longer are we going to continue to appease the Muslims in this country? This is the United States not a Muslim country. Why are they not conforming to our country? Instead we are conforming to their religion. Islam is an very invasive religion. It is overflowing onto the rights of all of us! Why was the elected official in Minnesota allowed to take his oath on the Quran? Why do you keep calling it a peaceful religion? Read the Quran!!!!! Anyone who follows the Quran is asked by Allah to destroy the infidels. That would be the two of us and the rest of the non-Muslims in our country. Why do you say we worship the same God? See what Australia says about appeasing the Muslims. They say they are not going to change for them and if the Muslims don’t like it, they can go to a different country. Now we are installing FOOT WASHING basins so they can prepare for their Muslims prayer, but we can’t even have the ten cammandments anywhere in public. Anytime a Muslim performs a terrorist act, we are told on the mainstream news that it was an isolated ocurrance. Heaven forbid that they mention the word Muslim. When did we become so afraid of our enemies that we cower from them like scared little sheep? God (not Allah) help us.

  Posted by bob on Apr 29, 2007 17:17

  Very respectfully Wren. G.W.Bush is the head cheer leader for the NEW WORLD ORDER and as of now the US is the NEW WORLD ORDER. I am sad to say that we have lost our Republic. The ordeal now is to try to recover

  Reply to: Wren
  President Bush,

  Do you know what the “NEW WORLD ORDER” represents? Do you know that your open-borders effort for a ” ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT” will eventually lead to the “NEW WORLD ORDER”?

  That appears to be your goal! If so, your actions will cause the loss of this nation’s sovereignty. That is an impeachable offense!

  in the real world
  Posted by bob on Apr 29, 2007 14:58

  Mr. President, I am sure that sitting in the white house and looking through your rose colored glasses you see all this hard work, family unity and faith from the illegals swarming into this country. Out here in the real world we see drunk drivers with no liscense or insurance killing people on our streets, we see illegals rapeing women and minor girls,we see our hospitols croweded with illegals in the E-Rs from knife and gun wounds. Every day we hear about drunk illegals involved in hit and runs. I have had two cases this year of attempted car jackings by what I would guess were illegals ( I do know they were not from around here). I was able to avoid both because I had my gun in the seat. We should not have to live like this and if you really care about this country and it’s citizens you will listen to the people and pull your head out of it normal resting place and DO SOMETHING.

  House bill #152
  Posted by Moebop on Apr 26, 2007 08:02

  Why haven’t I heard you speak out against this bill that infringes completely on my rights to freedom of speech and religion? Thank you.

RE: Bin Laden
Posted by Katie on Apr 25, 2007 06:13

Mr. President do you need to borrow my tom-tom GPS I just recently purchased to directly get you to Dir Valley in Pakistan? It will also help you to avoid all traffic congestion along your way. We don’t know how to make it any easier for you to find bin Laden Sir, but just to give you his coordinates. Maybe I can locate them on google-earth.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding