We knew there had to be a good excuse:

In a statement to a committee of the bank's executive board on allegations that he violated bank rules by arranging a hefty five-year pay and promotion package for his girlfriend, Wolfowitz said he had followed the institution's rules as he understood them. He said the effort to oust him is part of a "conscious campaign" to undermine his reform efforts and "derail important programs . . . to aid the poor."

Come on, everyone say it together now….awwwww

Andrew Cockburn:

Participants in high level meetings to discuss intelligence on Iraq told me they were startled to hear the deputy secretary of defence invoke his girlfriend: "Shaha says …" 

My digestive system found this detail a bit too challenging.

The game plan now seems to be "stall stall stall":

Although the board had expected to make a quick decision about Wolfowitz, it appeared yesterday that the process could continue for several days and perhaps into next week. "There isn't now any sense of a firm deadline," said a source close to one committee member, who agreed to discuss the deliberations on the condition of anonymity.

As of last weekend, a majority of board members favored ending Wolfowitz's tenure, but a number of governments would prefer that he resign so as to avoid a conflict with the Bush administration, which appointed him.

So nobody wants to move too hastily and piss off the boy king?  I guess not:

Behind the scenes of the gladiatorial battle that will take place between Paul Wolfowitz and the World Bank Board today are efforts by his lawyer, Robert Bennett, and the Bank staff to negotiate terms of Wolfowitz's departure.

According to some insiders, Wolfowitz wants "some acknowledgment" of the Bank Board's complicity in the messy circumstances surrounding his and Shaha Riza's situation.

Secondly, allegedly on June 1st, Wolfowitz becomes eligible for some large financial bonus — for performance and time on the job. One estimate puts this figure at about $400,000. Wolfowitz wants to make sure those funds are credited to his private bank account before saying farewell to an institution that has come to despise him.

I guess they World Bank isn't exactly crazy about picking up the $5 million a year it costs for Wolfie's security detail. 

If the Medal of Freedom only kept Tenet quiet through one election cycle, I say $400,000 is worth about what, a month and a half?

Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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