House Judiciary To Vote On Comey Subpoena Today


The House Judiciary Committee is scheduled to vote on issuing a subpoena for James Comey beginning around 10:00 am ET.  The Committee website indicates that they plan on streaming the hearing and, if so, I'll blog it below.  Haven't been able to ascertain whether C-Span will broadcast the hearing as well, but I'm keeping an eye on the various channels to see.

Meanwhile, Murray Waas had a bombshell article yesterday in the National Journal.  Will have more detail on it in a post for later, but let's just say that control of the hiring and firing decisions at the Department of Justice were turned over to the control of junior political appointees who were reporting to Rove's political shop.  That public testimony under oath with a transcript for Mr. Rove and Ms. Miers just ratcheted up about twenty notches in importance in my mind. 

Paul Kiel at The Muck connects some dots that also take McNulty out of the decision-making loop.  And quotes Sen. Chuck Shumer as saying:  "If the top folks at DOJ weren't the key decision-makers, it's less likely that lower-down people at DOJ were, and much more likely that people in the White House were making the major decisions."  Too right.

Good morning, Karl.  How's the sunshine?

Elizabeth Holtzman has an op-ed in the LATimes which posits that Gonzales will not resign precisely because the Bush Administration cannot afford what would be discovered in a confirmation hearing for any successor.  That the potential criminality involved in the DoJ is an insurance policy for Gonzales keeping his job. 

Could be an interesting morning.  Will update as the hearing gets going, so long as I can get streaming video or audio on the Committee website or coverage via C-Span.

Committee Hearing just began.  10:12 am ET.

New information has come to light with regard to the firing of the USAttys and other matters at the DoJ.  Mr. Comey has indicated that he will accept service of a subpoena and will appear on Thursday.

Rep. Cannon expressed some concerns on the rate at which subpoenas have been issued and questions the immunity grant for Monica Goodling, but has no objection to Comey being subpoenaed and appearing because he feels that the testimony will be helpful.

Voice vote on issuance of subpoena.  Several "aye" votes.  No "nay" votes.  Subpoena is voted on to be issued.  No further business before the subcommittee.  Meeting stands adjourned.  10:15 am ET.

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