It's always unwise to line up behind anyone engaged in a circular firing squad and no situation demonstrates that quite as dramatically as the George Tenet debacle.  The  authoritarian cultists are furious at Tenet for violating the code of omerta while the White House is forced to keep a rather tight lip and outsource the smear because they did, after all, give the guy the Medal of Freedom.  

When is the enemy of my enemy my friend?  Well not when it's George Tenet.  One might be tempted to cheer as he moves Hitchens to paroxysms of blustering rage, but his performance on 60 Minutes the other night was so loathsome, so thoroughly oily and vile that there is absolutely nothing to recommend the man.  He managed to deny that the US engaged in torture and pat himself on the back for being macho enough to order it at the same time.  Every word out of his mouth reeked of self-serving lies. (BTW, it's good to know the old bullshit detector is working serviceably – anybody see this today on cable news and not immediately go "well, that's crap?")  I imagine, though, that we'll soon be seeing more cast from the Tenet mold as others seek to save themselves by putting some real estate between them and Fearless Leader.  How nice that they can find a way to make a tidy buck in the process.

I think Jeff Danziger sums up my own feelings pretty succinctly.

(cartoon used with permission by Jeff Danziger, NY Times Syndicate)

Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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