Los Payasos de Estados Unitos

Taking time out from going to the supermarket to make sure that there are more bottles of ketchup on the shelves than jars of salsa, one of the sad little racists of America takes to the streets to search for signs of the reconquista.

This is soooo sad:

NBC Affiliate Disgrace: Cameraman Covering ANTI-ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION Rally Sports MEXICAN Flag on Camera

Covering an anti-illegal immigration rally in Houston on Saturday, the NBC affiliate sent a cameraman to do a story on the rally and he showed up with a Mexican flag on his camera.

So much for an unbiased, non-partisan look at the news. Do you wonder what would happen if a news anchor wore an American flag pin on the air?

Next thing you know the fucking wop Warriors of Columbus will be taking to the streets

And don’t even get me started on the Danes

The imposition of R’uhR’oh law draws nigh…

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