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Allen Wastler:

If you don’t like what Hugo Chavez is doing today, and you shouldn’t, boycott Citgo. Don’t buy the Venezuelan gasoline. Lord knows there are plenty of other outfits willing to sell you the stuff. Why give it to an anti-American demagogue?

Now I know some people like Chavez and his nationalization of U.S. and European oil projects in his country. After all, he has some PR on his side.

For one, hardcore Democrat types like to snicker at his third-grade level insults at our President. Regardless of what you think of our President’s performance, it’s just rude. You can be vehemently opposed to something and still not stoop to the intellectual cop out of name-calling. Like Leonidas said while killing Persians in “300″: ”There’s no reason we can’t be civil.” … Frankly, no matter who my President is, I want them and my country treated with respect.

And some like to cheer at anything negative for Big Oil. After all, they do make huge profits these days … after years of investment in places like Venezuela. And oil companies don’t have that “Good Corporate Citizen” rep that gives people warm and cuddly feelings about them. Nevertheless their work has given us warm homes in winter and the ability to drive to work and Grandma’s. They do their bit.

I, for one, appreciate CNN’s willingness to employ an MBA who writes like a 12 year-old fan boy.

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