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Soulforce Focus on the Facts action at Daddy D's campus

The folks at Soulforce headed out to the Colorado Springs HQ of Daddy Dobson’s Focus on the Family on Saturday to read aloud the hateful and demeaning comments about LGBT citizens that have spouted from the organization and the man himself as part of its Focus on the Facts civil disobedience campaign to peacefully confront those like Dobson, who foment organized bigotry.

Two were arrested. From Soulforce’s press release (via email):

Christopher Hubble and Leigh Lyon of Denver, Colo., were arrested and removed from Dr. James Dobson’s ministry headquarters in police custody. The couple entered the campus after an earlier vigil during which participants silently prayed for Dr. Dobson’s wholeness and then read aloud numerous inflammatory and dehumanizing statements that Dr. Dobson and his associates have published over the years regarding lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people and their families. After entering the campus, and being confronted by ministry officials, Hubble and Lyon refused to leave until the organization’s founder, Dr. Dobson, takes a step toward reconciliation with LGBT communities by ceasing his misleading statements about research on lesbian and gay parents.

The two were charged with trespassing, processed at a nearby facility, and released.

“The goal of this direct action campaign of civil disobedience is not to embarrass or shame Dr. Dobson–but to open his heart,” said Hubble. “I sincerely hope that this ‘nonviolent conversation’ will persuade him and his associates to finally end their partisan campaign of untruthful rhetoric which causes so much suffering for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.”

Co-sponsors of the action included LGBT Caucus of the Douglas County Democrats, Pikes Peak Gay & Lesbian Community Center, Pikes Peak Metropolitan Community Church in Colorado Springs, and Just Spirit: A Center for People of all Faiths to Work for Justice.

After the flip, take a look at the colorful quotes by Daddy D and his minions that were read at the vigil.

Dobson’s and Associates’ Quotes Read During April 28 Vigil

*  “The homosexual agenda is a beast…It wants our kids?” Focus on the Family Citizen Magazine, January 2003.

*  “Communities do not let prostitutes, pedophiles, voyeurs, adulterers, and those who sexually prefer animals to publicly celebrate their lifestyles, so why should homosexuals get such privileges?” James Dobson’s War On America, Gil Alexander-Moegerle, Prometheus Books, 1997.

*  “The opposite of homosexuality is not heterosexuality, it’s holiness.” Love Won Out Director, Mike Haley, in an interview for The Jesus Machine: How James Dobson, Focus on the Family, and Evangelical America Are Winning the Culture War, Dan Gilgoff.

*  “Saying there’s a constitutional guarantee for two homosexuals to marry is just a few steps away from saying there’s a constitutional guarantee to marry more than one person, or for relatives to marry, or even for people to marry their pets,” Dr. James Dobson, Cybercast News Service, May 18, 2004.

*  “Solid, irrefutable evidence proves that there are lethal consequences to engaging in the defining features of male homosexuality-that is, promiscuity.” Straight Answers, Exposing the Myths and Facts About Homosexuality, Focus on the Family’s “Love Won Out” series, p. 12.

*  “Lesbian relationships are equally unhealthy and just as life-threatening as gay male relationships.” Straight Answers, Exposing the Myths and Facts About Homosexuality, Focus on the Family’s “Love Won Out” series, p. 21.

*  “Moms and dads, are you listening? This movement is the greatest threat to your children. It is a particular danger to your wide-eyed boys, who have no idea what demoralization is planned for them.”  Dr. James Dobson, Bringing Up Boys, “The Origins of Homosexuality,” p.125.

*  “Just as the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 by the empire of Japan served to energize and mobilize the armed forces of the United States, it would appear that the vicious assault on marriage and the church in recent months has begun to reinvigorate people of faith. I see indications that the church is marshalling its forces and preparing to meet the challenge. Evil has a way of overreaching, and that appears to have happened regarding the blatant lawless attack on marriage and biblical morality,” Marriage Under Fire: The State of our Union, Focus on the Family’s website.

*  “Any incident that happens to place a particular strain on the relationship between a child and parent of the same sex is potentially causative,” The Truth Comes Out: The Roots and Causes of Male Homosexuality,  Focus on the Family’s “Love Won Out Series,” P. 10.

*  “They don’t just want marriage. They want to destroy marriage and the family as we know it.” Focus on the Family, CitizenLink Q&A: The Homosexual Agenda, July 25, 2003.

*  “Traditional marriage between one man and one woman can not co-exist with homosexual marriage. It will destroy the family.” The Battle for Marriage, television simulcast to over 700 churches, May 23, 2004.

*  “What do we know about this disorder? Well first, it is a disorder, despite the denials of the American Psychiatric Association.” Dr. James Dobson, Bringing Up Boys, “The Origins of Homosexuality,” P. 115.

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