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Randy Tobias Won’t Be Missed

tobiasrandal.jpgAccording to Al Kamen's In The Loop column, former State DepSec Dr. Randall "Randy" (!) Tobias, the first on-duty Bushie trapped in Deborah Jeane Palfrey's escort-service web, will not be missed by long-suffering staffers at the Agency for International Development:

A recent American Foreign Service Association poll of 368 AID folks found that only 21 percent thought Tobias had been doing a good job in getting resources for the agency and its workers. One-third rated his efforts as poor and 45 percent described them as fair. The agency is going through a reorganization that many call a "stealth merger" with the State Department. The survey found 67 percent said overall work conditions were worsening. About 48 percent said morale was "low to poor" and only 12 percent said it was good.

Bouquets to Al Kamen for connecting the dots on the BushCo massage scandals:

Tobias had resigned in yet another incident of inappropriate massaging. There was Bush's quick shoulder massage of German Chancellor Angela Merkel in July at a summit in St. Petersburg, Russia. In November came news of Colorado minister Ted Haggard's massages with a Denver man. And now Tobias, with an escort service.

Kamen is definitely swimming against the TradMed tide. There's a pervasive sense of "nothing to see here! Move along, people!" best illustrated by these two Monday morning WaPoO chatz. First:

Anonymous: Why should the prostitution scandal really matter aside from exposing the most nefarious of hypocrites?

Shailagh Murray: Anonymous, eh? Very mysterious. I was just saying to a colleague, I guess I'm a little old fashioned — what's the public good of ruining the lives of so many people? Not only the men, but their wives, their kids, etc. It's one thing for a politician to pay for a hooker from his campaign account…but how far beyond that do you extend the net?

And Howie Kurtz provides a new talking point for any buddies whose wives ask why their home phone number appears in Ms. Palfrey's four years of phone records now in the hands of ABCNews:

Publish 'em: These folks broke the law. There was much screaming about President Clinton "breaking the law" when he lied under oath about having consensual sex. What's good for the goose…

Howard Kurtz: I'm not disputing your point, but Clinton had testified before a grand jury. If any of the men on this list were summoned as witnesses, or charged with a crime, reporting that would be a slam dunk, to coin a phrase. But if it's just a phone number on a list, at the very least, you've got to be careful. What if someone was trying to call Blockbuster and got the escort service instead?


Howie, here are some other excuses to suggest to your frightened pals: "Well, honey — wasn't that the weekend your brother was staying here?" "Wasn't that the week the kitchen contractors were in and out of the house?" "Didn't we have a book signing party that evening? Anyone could have picked up the phone!" "Did you leave the french doors unlocked that evening?"  "Was that the night your boss was over for dinner?"
And, if all else fails: "Dear, I'm sure it was just a wrong number."
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