Bentonville, Arkansas resident Earl Adams became unglued when he found out that his two teenage sons had somehow come across Felice Newman’s The Whole Lesbian Sex Book in the local library while doing research on “military academies.” His sons told him that:

“[They were] greatly disturbed,” said Earl Adams his letter to the city. “[We had] many sleepless nights in our house.” Adams wants $10,000 per child, the maximum allowed under the Arkansas obscenity law. Adams also wants the city to fire library director Cindy Suter.

Kathy Belge of’s “Your Guide to Lesbian Life,” interviewed the book’s author about this incident. A snippet:<blockquoteLesbian Life: What is your reaction to the flap about your book in Arkansas?

Felice Newman: Of course it’s hysterical that this father wants to sue the city of Bentonville because his teenaged sons had “many sleepless nights” after reading a sex guide. But the more serious concern is that the very entitled right wing Christian fundamentalists put pressure on libraries to pull books. It’s happened before with other books.

If librarians pull such books from the shelves, where will kids find out about sex? Young people have been finding sexually-explicit and sexually-suggestive books in libraries since there have been libraries. Libraries have always been neutral places, where teenagers can find things that because of their age they don’t have access to elsewhere. And in some ways libraries are safer places for finding information about sex than the internet.

Newman said that the book’s sales have been doing quite well — enough for another printing — but that may have more to do with the tome being featured in an episode of “The L Word” than an unhinged Arkansas dad in the dark about his adolescent sons.

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* Arkansas dad claims his sons ‘disturbed’ by lesbian book in library 

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding