Guilty plea in capital murder of gay man in Alabama

Beaten, strangled, stabbed, mutilated, and partially decapitated — it was a horrifying end to the life of 18-year-old Scotty Joe Weaver, a gay man whose body was dumped in the woods and set on fire in Pine Grove, Alabama.

Nichole Kelsay, 21, and Robert Holly Lofton Porter, 21, were charged with the capital murder of Weaver; Christopher Gaines, 22, the third person facing the charge, has entered a guilty plea. (365gay):

All three defendants opted for separate trials.  Neither the prosecution nor the defense attorneys would speculate on Monday if Gaines will testify at the trials of the other two.

Assistant Baldwin County District Attorney Jim Vollmer had said that had wanted to try Gaines first.

…Two of the accused, Gaines and Kelsay were Weaver’s roommates. Porter is described as a friend of the pair who spent a considerable amount of time at Weaver’s home. Police said all three suspects were out of work, and Weaver was paying the bills at their home.

Gaines and Kelsay apparently had a romantic relationship with each other, investigators said, adding that it appeared the trio plotted Weaver’s death several days before the killing.

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