After six years of Bush led hateration against anyone who isn’t straight, white, Christian and male, the GOP is looking for somebody to love. Its not what you think. They haven’t given up their habit of using gays, women, people of color etc for political target practice. They are just looking for a presidential candidate who will lead them from the fiasco that (off the record) they will admit that Bush has led them into.

Its not all Bush’s fault. The Republican Party sold its soul to the right-wing extremists and turn a blind eye as Lee Atwater, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, James Dobson, Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter used bigotry and hatred to excite their base and make money. In the process, they divided the country in a way that it has never been before and have destroyed our reputation in the international community.

Now with ten declared presidential candidates, they can’t find someone who will into a post-Bush future.

From the Politico:

For a change, it’s Republicans who are enduring a very public airing of concerns about the perceived deficiencies of their field.  The front-runners aren’t conservative enough. The conservatives aren’t viable enough – not yet, at least.

But the biggest problem for their candidates is Bush’s collapse as a role model, what with public unhappiness with the war in Iraq, conservative disgruntlement with his centrist stance on immigration and the growth of government spending on his watch. Unfortunately for Arizona Sen. John McCain, in backing Bush on the war and immigration, he’s hugging Bush in all the wrong ways.

Their evangelical base will not settle for anyone who isn’t profusely anti-gay, hostile to a woman’s right to choose and willing to bomb any country that looks at us funny. Hence the obviously cynical contortions of Rudy Guiliani, John McCain and Mitt Romney. That may be the way to win the GOP primary, but its a sure-fire way to lose the general election.