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Don’t Let The Door Hit You In the Ass On the Way Out


Looks like the lawyers are going to get rich on the fallout from the Bush crime family:

"We're looking forward to a fair hearing and to show that Mr. Wolfowitz acted in complete good faith," Wolfowitz's attorney, Robert Bennett, said as he arrived outside the development bank's downtown headquarters.

A special bank panel is investigating Wolfowitz' handling of the 2005 promotion of bank employee Shaha Riza was scheduled to hear from Wolfowitz later in the day. Bennett indicated he was hopeful Wolfowitz's arguments would help him garner support; he stated anew on Monday that Wolfowitz has no plans to step down.

John Kerry has already called for Wolfowitz's resignation:

"I've had grave concerns about Paul Wolfowitz's judgment and ability to lead since 2003, when he was one of the chief architects of the war in Iraq. As Deputy Secretary of Defense, his miscalculations and lack of proper planning resulted in our troops being placed at greater risk and contributed significantly to the disaster that has unfolded in Iraq. Now he has brought to the World Bank the kind of cronyism that has become engrained in Washington. Paul Wolfowitz never should been rewarded with the responsibilities of the World Bank in first place."

Anybody want to start a pool —  Wolfowitz or Abu, who takes a trip to Pink Slip City first?

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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