No date for the prom

The New York Times decides it’s not going be the White House’s dancing monkey anymore:

Tucked inside Frank Rich’s Sunday column in the New York Times is indication that the newspaper will no longer play ball with the annual White House Correspondents Association dinners in Washington, which he calls “a crystallization of the press’s failures in the post-9/11 era.” He writes that the event “illustrates how easily a propaganda-driven White House can enlist the Washington news media in its shows….

“After last weekend’s correspondents’ dinner, The Times decided to end its participation in such events,” wrote Rich. “But even were the dinner to vanish altogether, it remains but a yearly televised snapshot of the overall syndrome. The current White House, weakened as it is, can still establish story lines as fake as ‘Mission Accomplished’ and get a free pass.”

Rich mixed this criticism of the press in with regret over the death of David Halberstam this week, who Rich said it would be hard to imagine “yukking it up with Alberto Gonzales, Paul Wolfowitz and two discarded ‘American Idol’ contestants” at the dinner. “It’s our country’s bitter fortune that while David Halberstam is gone, too many Joe Alsops still hold sway,” writes Rich, comparing the Pulitzer-winner to the now-forgotten Vietnam War cheerleading columnist.

Which means that Karl Rove’s dance card has a few more vacancies on it for the Washington Post to fill.

I bet Fred Hiatt is already out shopping for a new gown.

Meanwhile Time magazine hires Hugh Hewitt’s comfort woman.



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