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Deborah Jeane Palfrey (owner of Pamela Martin & Associates, the DCMadam we first featured here) allegedly ran her DeeCee business from Vallejo, California — quite a telecommute. How does a busy bicoastal manager stay abreast of her Associates’ many activities? How does she ensure they adhere to company policies?

With a regular newsletter, of course! In her missives to Associates, which she kept and urged her Associates to file and refer to, Ms. Palfrey removes all doubt about the services her escorts provided. She regularly updated her contractors with advice, excerpted in court filings hosted by The Smoking Gun.

In a 1994 newsletter (all emphasis and exclamatory marks in originals) sent to clarify misunderstandings and perhaps recruit new contractors, Palfrey writes:

Social escorts. . ….are booked out at approximately $40-50 an hour, usually for functions, banquets, parties and so forth. Conversely, adult service or fantasy escorts command a substantially greater fee, usually $200 an hour; this, of course, because of the risky and sexual nature of these appointments (much like a waitress at a coffee shop vs. a waitress or dancer in a topless show bar.) Obviously, the more liberal the booking or act, the more $ one makes. Therefore, if (any)one thinks that fantasy prices can ever be charged for purely social services (as a new hire recently believed)… all this writer can say, is that the person(s) is a damned fool!

Aren’t you glad that’s cleared up? Later that same year, her newsletter dealt with some pesky time management issues, always a challenging arena.

We want the client to always enjoy his appointment and to never feel rushed! Often, an hour is not quite enough time,but an hour and a half is for completing enjoyment. Nonetheless, in the course of implementing this 90 minute policy, Mgt. has discovered that certain clients and even certain escorts for that matter, tend to interpret this 90 minute time frame “rather literally.” It needs to be clarified once and for all, that the client is paying for the “activity” conducted within the one and one half hour period, not for the 90 minutes itself!!! This means once the performance or routine is concluded you, the escort, are permitted to leave (gracefully, of course). 45 minutes to an hour and 15 minutes is sufficient, here.

Mgt. concludes this epistle with a warning to any wannabe Twenty-Minute-Managers on her team:

Again, 45 minutes to an hour and 15 minutes is reasonable. Let’s not see any 20 to 30 minute stuff, OK?

And none of the old-school “leave the money on the dresser, mister” for Pamela Martin & Associates. Contractors are given a word-for-word script for this potentially awkward moment before the fantasy:

THE ONLY THING WHICH NEEDS TO BE SAID: “___________, would you mind taking care of the monetary aspect before I check-in with the Agency?” … This is all that needs to be said…. this is all that you will say!!!

Finally, in a lengthy discussion of how to (and how not to) call in sick during monthly down-time, The Boss writes to her Associates:

We, in the escort/fantasy business, exist in a grayer state of being than other so-called legitimate enterprises. Therefore, we have to be more careful about everything we do and say, including conversations about…ordinary subjects.

So, tell me again, Mr Deputy Secretary of State and Mr Coined-Shock-and-Awe, how this is just massage and does not dignify a response?

Despite all this icky clarity, though, good wishes abound!

White House officials said Rice briefed Bush on the matter early yesterday before he met with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. The president “was saddened and disappointed and wished Dr. Tobias and his family well,” spokeswoman Dana Perino said.

UPDATE: Who were the Associates of Pamela Martin? More hints from Ms. Palfrey:

More revelations are in the offing. [ABCNews’s Brian] Ross said the list includes the names of some “very prominent people,” as well as a number of women with “important and serious jobs” who had worked as escorts for the firm.

Betcha Tony Snow can’t wait to get back to work tomorrow!

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