I guess the homobigot economy is slowing down. Rev. D. James Kennedy honcho of Coral Ridge Ministries, has decided to deep-six one of his many satellite organizations set up to fight the gay menace, The Center for Reclaiming America for Christ.

The offshoot of Coral Ridge Ministries laid off an undisclosed number of workers Thursday at its headquarters here and at an office in Washington in what was called a “streamlining.”

“We’re getting back to our core competency, the production of media,” said Brian Fisher, executive vice president at Coral Ridge, which was founded by the Rev. D. James Kennedy. “Our heart and soul is the teaching of Dr. Kennedy, and getting it to more people than those who come to church.”

The Center, which opened shop in 1996, put on wingnut conferences that attracted the likes of Ann Coulter. Kennedy’s televangelist show has a viewership of at 3.5 million.


[UPDATE: Woohoo! It looks like his Center for Christian Statesmanship has also been flushed down the crapper, according to an email received by a commenter. ]

Another arm of Kennedy’s empire that is still afloat is the Center for Christian Statesmanship, yet another training ground for the bible-beating politicians of tomorrow. There was an excellent article about it back in 2005 by the LA Times.

In the blue and gold elegance of the House speaker’s private dining room, Jeremy Bouma bowed his head before eight young men and women who hope to one day lead the nation. He prayed that they might find wisdom in the Bible – and govern by its word.

“Holy Father, we thank you for providing us with guidance,” said Bouma, who works for an influential televangelist. “Thank you, Lord, for these students. Build them up as your warriors and your ambassadors on Capitol Hill.

“Amen,” the students murmured. Then they picked up their pens expectantly.

Nearly every Monday for six months, as many as a dozen congressional aides – many of them aspiring politicians – have gathered over takeout dinners to mine the Bible for ancient wisdom on modern policy debates about tax rates, foreign aid, education, cloning and the Central American Free Trade Agreement.

…They learn to view every vote as a religious duty, and to consider compromise a sin. That puts them at the vanguard of a bold effort by evangelical conservatives to mold a new generation of leaders who will answer not to voters, but to God.

Hat tip, Scott.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding