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Will she get cooties if she says 'gay'?

Hillary Clinton on Iowa’s recent passage of an anti-discrimination measure that adds sexual orientation and gender identity.

“I applaud the Iowa State Legislature for their efforts to end discrimination and make the state more welcoming. I’ve supported similar legislation in the US Senate because too many Americans suffer as a result of bigotry, and I believe this legislation will help reinforce our fundamental belief in equality and justice for all. As President, I will work with Congress to echo the clear message of fairness Iowa’s leaders sent today.”

Autumn emailed this spot-on comment:

Nowhere in this press release from Hillary Clinton’s campaign does any LGBT terms — “sexual orientation”, “gender identity”, “gay”, “lesbian”, “bisexual”, or “transgender” — appear.

Yeah. Kinda hard to miss that. Some focus group must have told her to steer clear of those words if at all possible, even if you’re talking about queer issues.

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