(Faten and Maryam Ibrahim, in jail. Image from Texas Civil Rights Review)

(Over at my home blog, my co-blogger Charles did a post back in January on this topic.  I thought I should rescue it from the bad formatting imposed on it by Blogger Hell (aka New Blogger) and provide an update.  — PW)

XicanoPwr has been following a story in which Immigration has imprisoned a family.

Here's how Texas Civil Rights Review describes it: 

The Ibrahims came to the United States legally and applied for asylum. They have been honest and forthright with immigration from the beginning. They were denied asylum and have filed to reopen their asylum case. In the meantime, the family is to be deported and is being held in jail! As an American citizen, the 2-year-old daughter was ripped from her mother’s arms and is in a foster home. … The pregnant mother, Hanan Ahmad, is in one cell with her 5-year-old daughter, Faten. The 7- and 12-year-old sisters – Maryam and Rodaina – share another cell. The 15-year-old boy, Hamzeh, is in yet another cell at T. Don Hutto jail. The father and husband, Salaheddin Ibrahim, is being held in another jail in Haskell , Texas. Born in the US, the youngest daughter, only 2-years-old, is living with strangers in a foster home. The little 5-year-old girl, Faten, is constantly getting in trouble with the guards yelling at her to stand still during population counts, which are taken four times daily. Maryam, the 7-year-old cries for her mother at night.

Or listen on Flashpoints. This government is getting very old, very fast.

[PW notes:  The little kids are still in jail, though there is a slim chance that they might be freed soon.  Much depends on an upcoming hearing.] 

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Phoenix Woman