475441860_acc18aaaca.jpgIt’s bad enough when this piece of trash peddles medical anomalies, Armageddon prophesies and untrue sex scandals involving the celebrity de jour…  This, however, is simply horrendous.

A big hat tip to Commonplacebook.com for the picture of the Globe’s front page this week.  Since the Virginia Tech shooter is known to have stalked several women and to have spoken of his make-believe girlfriend and since most of the country was glued to their TVs for all the gory details on the mass murder spree, you’d think that everyone would realize what a pack of lies this is.  But sadly, I’m afraid most won’t.

As Steph says so succinctly:

It’s one thing when they have bat boys and aliens in the tabloids, but this false headline is going to get people killed. The guy WAS NOT gay – there’s just no evidence of it. But now every retarded redneck in the country will read this in line at Wal-Mart (because that’s the only thing they can read) buy a gun and start killing my people. This makes me want to sue the Globe for inciting violence.

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