Michelle Malkin doesn’t read her own posts

Randall Tobias, 65, director of U.S. Foreign Assistance gets some “foreign assistance” with his man-parts, resigns, and bloggers become both titillated and engorged…and Michelle blames it on the EmmEssEmm.

Her headline:

The D.C. madam and the scandal-hungry MSM strike

Contents of post:

  • Link to White House bio
  • ABC News, The Blotter takes note
  • State Department Press Release
  • Link to bloggers at memeorandum (and note to Michelle: it’s a blogasm)
  • Link to Red State
  • Link to unfunny commenter at Red State
  • Link to “but-seriously folks” commenter at Red State
  • Link to Luciane.com which points out really really important paragraph in the Washington Post
  • Commenter commenting on the above
  • Link to watch ABC blog for those not John Doeing around the neighborhood spying on brown people
  • Luciane commenter’s comments

Pithy conclusion by Michelle:

And so he has.

Well, it’s no “Heh. Indeed.” but you have to admit, as a journalist and media critic Michelle makes an excellent cheerleader.

(I have no idea where I found the graphic above. I saved it months ago to use for a special occasion. Whoever made it: thanks. Your ham is in the mail.)



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