So much happening, so little time to cover it all:

Mitt Romney made a huge blunder by shouting out loud what the self-proclaimed "National Security Party" really thinks:  That they don't give a rat's ass about catching Osama bin Laden.  You remember bin Laden, right?  The guy behind 9/11?  The guy who (unlike Saddam) attacked us?  Lucky for Romney that the GOP/Media Complex is too busy pimping bogus haircut stories to bother taking Mitt to task for this.

— If the 'surge' (aka escalation) is such a success, why has what passes for Iraq's civilian government stopped releasing civilian casualty figures?

— Speaking of our wonderful Iraqi occupation, it's creating jobs back home.  Too bad they're for fitters of prosthetic limbs

— Matt Drudge's Fan Club (aka The Politico):  Democrat praying bad, Republican praying good.

— Read Brent Budowsky on Bill Moyers's stunning indictment of the American GOP/Media Complex.  (If ever you've wondered why I use the phrase "GOP/Media Complex", wonder no more.) 

— Speaking of Bill Moyers, it sure looks like he's sent the GOP/Media stenographers and kneepad artists into full screaming freakout damage control mode.  I sure hope Mr. Moyers doesn't have any pregnant gay black hookers in his past, because you know that the people he's just called out will be looking to use them against him, even if they don't exist

Phoenix Woman

Phoenix Woman