Howdy folks.  Patrick Rex here, filling on for TRex on the Late Late Night post.

TRex really, really loves Amy Winehouse, as he has made abundantly clear here lately.

I can't say I blame him… I have done a lot of session work these past few years.  I wouldn't mind playing drums behind a soul singer with a crack band.    

I was in London last fall for two weeks, off and on, for a gig.  It was fantastic.  I discovered loads of interesting music in addition to lovely Ms. Winehouse.  A lot of it was being done on laptops, interestingly.  

I am completely head over heels over this clip

I don't really know a thing about these guys, but I love this track.  For those of you who need a bit of a touchup on some of the cultural references: NME used to be a great music magazine.  Lately, not so much. Stephen Fry is a very witty and arch British Comedian.  The reason Thou Shalt Not buy coca-cola products is because of their horrible labor pratices.  Nestle does some pretty terrible stuff involving baby formula and impoverished nations, as well. 

I have no idea what Hollyoaks is , though it appears to be a television show.  

The Four Elements of hip hop :   MCing (rapping), DJing, urban inspired art/tagging (graffiti), b-boying (or breakdancing, to most), and beatboxing.

"Is it?" – I have no idea.  Same with the spelling of Phoenix/Pheonix. There's a controversy over that?

Anyway, watching this video made me really, really want to go back to London.  


patrick rex

patrick rex