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Indiana man brutally beaten to death

The murder in Crothersville, Indiana is gruesome. The circumstances are a bit different depending on the article you read, but the common denominator is that homophobia unleashed unbelievable violent behavior in a group of men — and one of them, 35-year-old Aaron Hall, ended up dead. (WAVE3):

Three people are charged in connection with Hall’s brutal beating death: 19-year-old Garrett Gray and 18-year-old Coleman king face murder charges; 21-year-old Robert James (“Jamie”) Hendricks has been charged with assisting a criminal.

At first, police didn’t know the motive for the crime, but now Jackson County Sheriff’s Detective Robert Henley says the suspects have told police that the victim, Aaron Hall, made an obscene motion and homosexual suggestion to King.

At that point, King allegedly “went crazy on Hall,” beating him with his fists.

Investigators say Gray joined in, and both men beat Hall with their fists; and at one point detectives say King even removed his boot and used that to hit Hall. The beating allegedly continued for several hours, though court documents say the men paused to photograph themselves with their arms around Hall’s beaten body.

According to the affidavit filed by prosecutors, King and Gray, along with the third suspect, Hendricks, then dragged Hall out of the house by his feet, with his head hitting the stairs, and dumped him in a ditch.

Another report alleged that Hall asked for oral sex and King went postal. Hall was boot-kicked by King over 75 times.

The bottom line is that someone is dead because of pathological group think with a goal of “masculinity enforcement,” and fueled by alcohol, testosterone and homophobia by all of them. It’s sick.

Hat tip to Gary at Advance Indiana.

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