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Creationist erupts over dinosaur-chicken genetic link

Dr. Grady McMurtry, who said that teaching evolution is responsible for VA massacre, continues to stun.

When he heard about the recent news about bits of protein from a dinosaur bone were used to isolate genetic proof that the T-Rex is a distant relative to the chicken, McMurtry completely lost it. Flat earther alert! (OneNewsNow):

Dr. Grady McMurtry, president of Creation Worldview Ministries, says the discovery offers proof for a young Earth. “Now first of all, let’s think about this. Most molecular biologists will tell you that DNA could not possibly exist for more than 10,000 years,” he notes. So, since evolutionists believe DNA does not last millions of years, he says the discovery of DNA in a dinosaur bone is consistent with the biblical account of creation.

…According to the Bible’s account in Genesis, Chapter One, dinosaurs were created on day five and day six of creation week and lived with man until the Flood of Noah, McMurtry points out. After the Flood, he says dinosaurs were at a disadvantage for survival and most dinosaur species became extinct during the next several hundred years.

My question is — how can any thinking person take the ark story literally? That must have been a big f*cking boat, huh? And who did sh*t patrol with all that animal waste on board?

I guess it’s time to go see early man walk with the dinosaur at the Creation Museum.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding