About that FBI Special Agent In Charge

Remember FBI Special Agent in Charge Dan Dzwilewski? He’s the guy that led the Cunningham investigation on the FBI side. He’s also the guy who shared his candid opinions about Carol Lam’s firing:

“I don’t think it’s the right way to treatanybody. What’s the decision based on?” Dzwilewski said. “I don’t sharethe view of whoever’s making the decision back there in Washington thatthey’d like her to resign. I feel Carol has an excellent reputation andhas done an excellent job given her limited resources.”

Dzwilewski said he sympathized with Lam onissues of stretching budgets to meet priorities and felt that criticismthat she wasn’t giving proper attention to smuggling, drugs and guncrimes was off-base. “What do you expect her to do? Let corruptionexist?” he said.

Lam’s continued employment as U.S. attorney is crucial to the success of multiple ongoing investigations, the FBI chief said.

As for the reason for any pressure to resign,Dzwilewski said: “I can’t speak for what’s behind all that, what’s thedriving force behind this or the rationale. I guarantee politics isinvolved.”

Dzwilewski declined to discuss Lam’s demeanorduring their conversations, her state of mind, when or if she willresign or her future plans.

“It will be a huge loss from my perspective,”Dzwilewski said. “What she’s going to do, my guess is she’s stilltrying to figure that out herself.”

And then, just a month and a half later, Dzwilewski unexpectedly announced his retirement from the FBI (for those keeping track, his last day will be Monday).

Well, the list of documents the DOJ won’t give us has an interesting detail regarding Dzwilewski. The day the original SD Union Tribune article came out printing Dzwilewski’s comments, Sampson sent a "notification" to the FBI about the article. The description of the email reads:

Notifying FBI of Union-Tribune article re: Lam’s resignation and FBI SAC D. Dzwilewski.

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