Christy hosted a great chat the other day with Tom Matzzie of MoveOn, and in the post she featured these terrific ads by Americans United For Change.  As Christy pointed out, there are a series of them targeted at the following vulnerable, pro-occupation Bush sycophants in swing states and districts:


Rep. Mary Bono (CA)  (more here).  Contact here.

Rep. Timothy Johnson (IL)  (more here)  Contact here.

Rep. Heather Wilson (NM) (more here)  Contact here.

Rep. Randy Kuhl  (NY) (more here and here)  Contact here.

Rep. Dean Heller  (NV) (more here and here)  Contact here.

Rep. Jim Walsh (NY)  (more here)  Contact here.


Sen. Susan Collins  (ME) (more here and here and here)  Contact here.

Sen. John Sununu (NH) (more here)  Contact here.

Sen. Mitch McConnell (KY)  (more here)  Contact here.

Time to fire up the Roots Project engine! 

The members of the House listed above all voted "nay" on the Iraq withdrawal bill Roll Call 265 last night (so you can bet we know clearly "where they stand," just as the ads say!).  If any of them are your representatives, it's time to let them know how you feel about their votes last night.  If any of these names are your representatives, please call them, write to them or fax them to let them know it's time to end the Iraq occupation, respectfully expressing your displeasure. 

The Senate will take up this same vote today.  If your senator is listed above, please tell him or her to vote for the conference committee's bill on Iraq withdrawal. 

No matter where you are, please also consider writing a short letter to the editor to your local newspaper about why an end to the occupation must come swiftly.  To find out how your congressperson voted last night, consult this page, and today, let them know what you think of their vote.  You can find your congresscritter's contact information here, or for the names above, contact information is linked next to each.  Remember, as always, to be respectful.  Of course, feel free to call or write your representatives and senators even if they're not on the above list, though those are some prime pickup targets for 2008.

While you're at it, please consider sending us a small donation to support our development of a social networking infrastructure to support future Roots Project community action on a local level.  You can use the donation links or the snail mail address you see at the upper right side of this page, and to designate the purpose of your donation, please end it in a donomination of $0.75.  Please also be patient with the cashing of snail mail checks:  Jane still has chemo to do and it slows the check collection process down.  I'll be making some updates to the thermometer in the right sidebar in the next couple of days or so as more of your Roots Project donations come in (though on this again, please be patient:  I get the data from Jane and today is her chemo day).

Okay, no more words.  Let's make them feel the heat so we can end the occupation!

Oh, wait, there are more words, and they're very important:  thank you so much for all your help and all you do to make our grassroots power and reach expand throughout the country, and for all your continued work to end this occupation, a true moral imperative.  Our readers and commenters are the best and we all need each other, all helping out in our own way, however we can.  From Jane, Christy, TRex, Siun and all our fantastic regulars and semi-regulars like Watertiger, Scarecrow, Phoenix Woman, Eli, Tula Connell and all the rest, we can't ever thank you enough.

Okay, let's get to work! 



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