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Michael Sandy's killers describe their crime

In October of last year, three men lured an unsuspecting gay man, Michael Sandy, to a meeting place in Brooklyn after an online chat. Their intent was to hit on him, perceiving him an easy mark because he was gay, and rob him. What followed was a gang-up that Sandy struggled to free himself from, he ran into traffic on the Belt Parkway to get away and was hit by a car.

What happened next was heinous; the videotaped statements by the defendents were played in court on Tuesday and they showed themselves to be the cowards that they are. (NYT):

They said they dragged the gay man off the road and searched his pockets for money and drugs but his pockets were empty. They went home and drank beer and the gay man died in a hospital.

The three of them were charged with murder as a hate crime, a distinction that could affect their sentences if they are convicted. Prosecutors said they chose their victim because they thought gay men were weak and afraid.

They walked into the courtroom yesterday in handcuffs, John Fox, Ilya Shurov, also known as Alex, and Anthony Fortunato, none older than 20. Their trial date has not been set; first a judge must decide whether their confessions are admissible. They sat side by side and watched their own videotaped statements to the police. On the screen, they blamed one another for the killing. In the courtroom, they did not say anything and did not look at one another much.

See photos of the perps and more at Towleroad.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding