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Late Late Nite FDL: Dial “S” for Stalker

 wil e gerstein, super genius

DANGERSTEIN strikes again! 

(SCENE: A darkened bedroom.  There is the faint sound of a dog snoring and then the silence is broken by a cell phone playing "American Woman" by The Guess Who.) 

Jane: (sleepily) Hello?

TRex: Hey, Jane, it's TRex.

Jane: TRex, it's the middle of the night.  What time is it?  Are you okay?

TRex: It's 2:30 in the morning.  I'm sorry to call so late, but it looks like we're going to have to move you to the safe house.

Jane: What?  Why?  Is it DANGERSTEIN?

TRex: Yup.  I'm afraid so.  He's starting up the stalking thing again.

Jane: Great.  This is all I need.  What happened?

TRex: Oh, it looks like he called up poor Mary Ann Akers at the WaPo and gave her an earful about Hillary guest-posting.

Jane: Oh, god, he's never gotten over the spanking the blogs gave him last year, has he?

TRex: "It's a sunrise!  It's very much a sunrise!"

Jane: (giggling) "Faster, Pantywaist!  Shill!  Shill!" 

TRex: He's just a glutton for punishment, isn't he?

Jane: Oh, I think he thinks every time he does this that he's going to do away with us meddling kids ONCE AND FOR ALL!  Nobody read or responded to his little wank-fest in the Politico so he's been waiting for this for weeks.

TRex: He's escalating.  We need to get to the Safe House as quickly as possible.  You know this is his pattern.

Jane: Oh, not tonight.  Kobe will protect me. How bad is the article?

TRex: Eh, well, "eyebrows are being raised all over Washington", it says.

Jane: And this couldn't wait until in the morning?

TRex: Some of the comments are really good.  You wanna hear?

Jane: What I want is to go back to sleep.

TRex: But, no, listen.  This is the first one:

Here is a nuance that apparently Mary Ann doesn't grasp. Hillary isn't going to win the primary unless she can sway the netroots. As it stands now, all of the liberal websites are opposed to Clinton. Firedoglake.Com is a perfect place to try and turn the tide, and Jane Hamsher is one of the most respected people in the blogoshere. BTW Her biggest claim to fame has nothing to do with NATURAL BORN KILLERS, it's because she made it possible for bloggers to gain media access to the Libby trial, and then bravely got off of her sickbed to do just that.
Is Mary Ann suggesting that there are Democrats who are not going to vote for Clinton in either the primary or the general election because of Hamsher's dig at an imbecile like Lieberman?
It's always odd when right wing nitwits like Akers or Dick Morris make assertions about how certain candidates are going to turn off their base unless they act like right wing pundits.

Jane: That's good, who wrote that?

TRex: Somebody named "Son of a Bastard".  Teddy got a good one in there, too.

Jane: Oh, yeah?  We love Teddy.  What did Teddy say?

TRex: He said:

Tell the truth, MaryAnn — did you know about HRC's appearance on FDL before DangerStein called you? Or did he point you to the story and steer you to a buddy who backs HRC but didn't want his/her name used in your "blog?"

And did you contact Jane Hamsher for a comment? Funny that your "blog post" doesn't mention that, which violates WaPo standards. Or — is your "blog" so edgy and unedited that you don't have to conform to WaPo standards about contacting subjects of your stories and informing your readers the result of that contact?

And, another piece of Jane's "baggage" is providing hundreds of thousands of readers with realtime access to Irve Libby's felony trial for obstruction and lying — something she scooped all TradMed in doing. Did DangerStein not fill you in on that piece of the puzzle?

It's called reporting, MaryAnn — you should try it sometime.

Jane: Ooh, that is good.

TRex: Yeah, and they just keep coming.  You should check it out when you get up.

Jane: We'll see.  Okay, honey, I have to go back to sleep now.

TRex: But, but, let me read you just one more-!

Jane: No, I'm going to sleep now.  Good night, TRex.

TRex: (heavy sigh) Oh, all right.  Good night.


(This has been a dramatization of an imaginary conversation.) 

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