Kentucky governor hell-bent on killing partner benefits at state universities

The governor of Kentucky, homobigot Ernie Fletchera man indicted on charges of conspiracy, official misconduct and political discrimination, feels that the prospect of domestic partner benefits at the state’s public universities is so heinous that he’s considering calling a special legislative session to deep-six the move. (

Fletcher said he is receiving “push-back” from Kentuckians who voted for a constitutional amendment in 2004 banning same-sex marriage. Gay and lesbian couples would benefit from domestic partnership benefits.

At this point, yes, I don’t support domestic partnership benefits for this reason: We’re taking tax dollars from citizens who voted and said they don’t support same-sex marriage and putting that into benefits that could be used to hold down tuition costs and other things,” Fletcher said. “We’re getting a lot of push-back from the citizens across the commonwealth.”

Robbie Rudolph, Fletcher’s running mate and executive cabinet secretary, was the first to signal that the administration might include the issue in a special session agenda during his statewide debate with the other two Republican lieutenant governor candidates on Monday.

The Kentucky Fairness Alliance, a gay rights advocacy group, called the move a “classic case of campaign panic” in order to use “gay families as a wedge issue.”

This is the perfect example of the right wing out of control. It’s not about “protecting marriage,” it’s about completely invalidating our relationships, ensuring they have no legal standing, no basic benefits or rights. Fletcher is so unhinged that he is blinded, ready to waste public officials’ time and talent on punishing homos.

Last year, the man earned my “turd of the day” award for proclaiming Diversity Day after signing an executive order removing sexual orientation from the state’s anti-discrimination laws. Why did he remove it? Because it also included transgender protection and that would create a problem with bathroom accommodations.

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